Friday, June 7, 2013

We are back!!!

Alright, looks like we might finally be back  at it!!! Lets hope!! Woo!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[[Midnight Mania]]

WOOOT I am proud to announce, I have added a Midnight Mania board to the store! Make sure to come by for your chance to win! and bring some friends. I will change the product in the boards once a week, shutting it down on saturday, and putting a new item and it back up on Monday's.. This is to give chance to those who might not have gotten it. There is a redelievery board up at the store as well!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[[Flip Flopz]]

Alright Ladies... I have worked really hard to day, and I am proud to bring you two pairs of flip flopz. How many of you out there LOVE flip flopz but hate seeing those embarrasing Linden Toes ? I wear flip flopz all day at home, but in SL, they have never fit my feet right, until now!With the [[F&I]] Hud, these allow you to change your skin color, toe nail color, toe nail design, and shoe design! The season of Summer is here!! Grab your pair today!

[[Metallic Dreams Flip Flopz]]

[[Cherry Picker Flip Flopz]]

[[NOTE]] If you prefer not to have prim toes, send me a notecard in-world and we can work on getting a pair with out them.


You ever get tired of wearing the same old Black or white sneakers ? Well if you do, check out some of the cool designs we have here.. They are called Schmecks [pronounced schmeeeecks]. These come with Resizing menu, so no matter what, they always have the perfect fit.

Men, your time is coming. I promise. I have a small spot reserved for mens shoes.. Just need to find the time to make some :D

[[Spurst Schmecks]]

[[Arsliver Schmecks]]

[[School Girl Schmecks]]

[[Dragonista Schmecks]]

[[NOTE]] Some of these designs would be able to go as unisex with a few adjustments with the resizing menu, but hold tight men! I have a few styles in line for you very soon!


Who says a girl doesnt like her high heels ? We know better don't we ladies? Check out these. Inspired by the true Metallic Queen herself! Coming to you these cute little pumpz, with, yes, you guessed it, tootsies!! These pumpz come with 10 different metallic shades. They have options for matching heels, or solid black heels. Any way you look at it, these pumpz Rock!!

These are the cutiest pumpz for the party girl or the working girl!

[[Metallic Dreams Pumpz]]

[[Summer Pumpz]]

[[Wild Pumpz]]

[[NOTE]] If you prefet no tootsies, send me a notecard in-world, and we can work on a pair with out tootsies!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Aren't you tired of having Linden Toes? Why not have cute little tootsies!?! And while your at it, why shouldnt you be able to customize your shoes? With these cute Wedgies, you can customize till your heart desires. Convient Hud allows you to change skin color, toe nail color, toe nail design, Shine, Glow, and Shoe design!

Shoe off those Cute tootsies in a pair of these!

[[August Wedgies]]

[[NOTE]] If you like the shoes, but prefer to not have the cute tootsies, send me a notecard in-world and we can work on a pair with out the tootsies!!